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Publishing Schedule

October, 2014
Caribbee (PB), The Kydd Sea Adventures (Trade Pbk), by Julian Stockwin

November, 2014
Pasha, book no.15 The Kydd Sea Adventures (HC), by Julian Stockwin

April, 2015
HMS Saracen, (Trade Pbk), by Douglas Reeman

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Julian Stockwin

Kydd returns to sea and has just pulled off a daring reconnaissance into the inner harbour of Cadiz when he is summoned to urgently carry despatches to Admiral Louis in Malta. Word has come from the British ambassador Arbuthnot that the neutral Turks are being wooed by the French; if the ancient city of Constantinople falls into their hands Napoleon’s route to India will be completely unfettered and his plans for world domination a reality. Concerned for his safety, Arbuthnot is demanding a large fleet presence to take him off and bring the Turks to their senses. See Details

$24.00 Hardcover
Unavailable at this time
HMS Saracen

HMS Saracen

Douglas Reeman

Malta,1941. To Captain Richard Chesnaye, HMS Saracen is more than an obsolete ship with an ugly recent past. As the war enters a new phase Chesnaye recalls the Saracen of the First World War and the Gallipoli campaign and imagines a significant new role for them both. See Details

$19.95 Trade Pbk