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Publishing Schedule

March, 2017
Winged Escort, book no.11 Modern Naval Fiction Library (Trade Pbk), by Douglas Reeman

September, 2017
The Bermuda Privateer, book no.1 The Nicholas Fallon Sea Novels (HC), by William Westbrook

New Books

The Spoils of Conquest

The Spoils of Conquest

Seth Hunter

The Mouth of the Nile, 9th August, 1798: Admiral Nelson has sent Captain Nathan Peake on a desperate journey across the Middle East to convey a grim warning to British India. Bonaparte’s army is poised to deliver a fatal blow to the source of Britain’s wealth and power by marching overland to India. See Details

$19.95 Trade Pbk

Send a Gunboat

Send a Gunboat

Douglas Reeman

The orders from the Admiralty to the Captain were explicit. He was to take his ship to the small island of Santu, which lay under threat of invasion from the Communist mainland of China, and evacuate the British colony there. See Details

$18.95 Trade Pbk



Julian Stockwin

Napoleon Bonaparte’s ambitions for world domination are growing apace, and when Captain Sir Thomas Kydd returns to take up command of his ship Tyger, he finds himself called to be part of a great armada on a mission of the utmost urgency. Britain is alone and isolated in Europe. If the kingdom is to thwart a deadly threat she must move very quickly to secure her position with neutral Denmark. See Details

$23.95 Hardcover